Dank You 2022

Ok, so I try not to play the O.G. card that often, but when we’re talking about one of the first beers we ever brewed at Alter it’s time to put on my historian cap and flex.

The original Dank You was one of the launch beers at our soft openings back in 2015. It was brewed with a proprietary “dank blend” of hops which not only spawned its name, but also gave rise to its dynamic personality. You see, when we went to brew a new batch of Dank You the following year that blend of hops was M.I.A. and we had to pivot to our own special mixture. To our delight this next batch was just as lip-smacking as the first, yet glowing with its own unique aroma and flavor profile. Thus, the ever-changing Dank You was born.

This year’s incredible iteration features two new hop superstars which I could describe to you… but I think I’ll let our head brewer Matt do the talking. “Like an 18-wheel logger barreling down a beach, Dank meets tropical in this heavy duty double IPA. Brewed with caramel malts to give it a west-coast appearance and flavor, while hammering you with huge tropical stank from CryoPop and Eureka hops.⁠”

Dank you for reading. Now hop to it, there’s beer to enjoy.

Dank You is a Brewhouse Exclusive and only available in cans and on draft at Downers Grove and St. Charles right now (while supplies last).

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