What’s Brewing

Welcome back to the Brewer’s Corner! This is your monthly inside look at what’s in the tanks, and what’s coming down the pipeline from our creative brew team.

Brewing beer and cooking food have many parallels. Both require innovation and a sense of knowing what goes with what to make the best possible outcome. Sometimes I wish that brewing had a quicker return like cooking does, but instead we have to wait over a couple weeks to see the final product. Even the slowest cooked barbeque doesn’t touch more than 24 hours of getting that final, juicy brisket.

What are we waiting for? Well right now we are pretty excited about a new batch of Dank You and a session haze. Of course we have been excited about releasing Festbier (which is out today!), but we may or may not have been drinking that for a couple weeks already – it’s one of the many brewhouse perks.

The new Dank You features some very cool ingredients that we think can enhance its already complex flavor profile. We harvested yeast from our King Balaton cherry wheat, which has an entire drum of cherry juice added to it, for use in this latest batch. This “cherried” yeast should add some cherry flavors to Dank You. We also throw in Galaxy and Bravo hops, which have sweet fruit characteristics. Expect to see this in a couple weeks.

The new session haze (which is unnamed at this point), will also be a fun one to release. We are going piney on this guy by dry-hopping it with Chinook and a new hop called Saltana at 3 lbs. per barrel. It should make for a very pungent brew in aroma, but not so much in alcohol – just barely reaching 4.3% ABV. We think you will enjoy the option of crushing a hazy-boi without getting too smashed.

The think-tank is starting to churn surrounding our barrel-aged beers, which will have a different feel this year. We are putting out three different variations, all with a unique look and feel. One will feature chocolate and vanilla while the other is getting a huge injection of cherry. We are keeping that original as-is so you can appreciate the simple beauty of a big stout aged on charred wood. Once we get into some colder weather, we will have this ready to warm you up.

-Matt & the Brew Team