Piña Colada Hwip Release

So you might be thinking to yourself, “Why in the world are these guys releasing a summery, tropical beer in the middle of winter?” We hear you, and we see you, and we assure you we’re not going bananas.

Things have gotten pretty cold here in Chibeeria and the surrounding tundra where we reside. Sometimes these single digit temps seep so far into our bones that we can’t seem to remember what it even feels like to soak in the sun on a bright sandy beach. That’s exactly why this was the perfect time to release Piña Colada Hwip. This beer is a reminder of those warm wonderful summer days meant to slice through the snow and ice clogging the good vibes center of your brain.

This bright and vibrant milkshake IPA was brewed with pineapple and coconut to conjure up those tropical islands cocktail vibes and warm the soul. It’s juicy, creamy, and slightly sweet from the added milk sugar (lactose). Weighing in at 7.5% it’s got a little oomph to it as well. We hope it helps tide you over until those fine summer days shine down on us once again.

Limited quantities of Piña Colada Hwip are available in cans and on draft exclusively at both Downers Grove and St. Charles locations.

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