March Brewer’s Corner

It’s All Happening – If you got our last email you know that Bleacher Seat hoppy wheat ale is coming back this month! We brewed the much-anticipated summer kick-off beer last week and can’t wait to crack one open on opening day, 3/28. We’ll be releasing cans for the first time, and will have Dark Horse Pastries in the house with a nostalgia-inducing ball-park inspired pop-up at 5pm.

This week, making it’s 2019 brew day debut… *drumroll*… King Balaton! That’s right, our crisp, tart, and lightly sweet cherry wheat ale is being brewed as I write this and will be back in the tanks by the time you read it. Look for a fresh batch to hit taps in April.

What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Why, a barrel of beer of course! This week the brew team has been hard at work filling barrels. Smash Tun was added to some freshly dumped Buffalo Trace barrels, and we even had a couple of extras leftover for variant exploration. Stay tuned!

New Alterations – If you’ve been in the taproom lately you may have noticed some interesting new beers on tap, e.g. Hell Hazed Over with orange zest and juice and boysenberry & coconut double oaked barrel aged Smash Tun. The brew team has been pulling out all of the stops with our pilot system to explore new aroma and flavor combinations. Keep your eyes peeled for some new ones coming up soon, including alterations of Bleacher Seat and King Balaton.

On the Horizon – Along with our pilot batches, we’re also working on some new and exciting larger format projects. There will be a new New England IPA, made with white, instead of red, wheat and dry-hopped with Galaxy and Denali hops. This one is going to be more on the sessionable side. We’ve also filled some 2nd generation red wine barrels with our first ever sour beers. After adding different variations of Pedio, Lacto, Brett, and fruits – these beers will shine with tons of flavor. We’ll keep you posted on their progress!

We hope you enjoyed this month’s visit the Brewer’s Corner and look forward to seeing you in the taproom soon.


-Matt & the Brew Team