June Brewer’s Corner

The brewhouse is really popping now that summer is here. Taking a step back, we’ve got a lot of exciting pieces in play that we can’t wait to share with you.

First up is another brand new edition of Dank You. Every year we use a different recipe to highlight the changes in aroma and flavor gained by blending a new assortment of hops. This version uses a blend of hops called “Pink Boots”, which is a mix of Loral®, Mosaic®, Simcoe®, Sabro™ and Glacier. They offer tons of frutiness and citrus, which balances out the nearly 10% ABV in this monster double IPA. The blend is named after the Pink Boots society, which is an international nonprofit organization supporting women in the brewing profession.

We have two different types of lagers doing some long-haul aging over in fermenter village. Our German-style pilsner, Day Sipper, will be hitting the taproom within the month. We have also already brewed Festbier, our rendition of a traditional Octoberfest. Expect this one right around the time the leaves start turning orange.

We’re also starting to explore milkshake IPA’s. No promises, but we have experimented with Guava and Blood Orange in our pilot system and we’re hoping to try them, and some other newfangled combinations, with you very soon. Make sure you’re tuned into to Instagram for these limited releases.

Finally, we also have Alter Fest around the corner too – September 28th! We’ve turned our creative hats to serious mode so that we can have a few far-out one-off brews for you this year. We were thinking we may breed alcohol-tolerant goldfish to swim in our fermenting beer, which naturally gives the beer an interesting terroir, anti-oxidants, and omega-3 oils. Just kidding. (Or are we?) Stay tuned for more info on the fest coming your way soon.

On a different note, I think it’s important to mention that brewers don’t only brew beer, we also make an environment in which beer can thrive. Every day we work to enhance our products and deliver the best tasting, cleanest beer in the world for all to enjoy. The team spends hours a week cleaning, sanitizing, and shining our brewhouse not only because you get an up-close view from the tap room, but also because it ensures that every beer will be of the highest quality day in and day out. Maybe you will get lucky and see us using our ghostbuster foamer, with the accompanying soundtrack to lift us higher. It is a sight to behold!

What this all adds up to is a continually developing lineup of beers that we are seriously proud to share with you all. Thank you for being a part of this journey!


-Matt & the Brew Team