January Brewer’s Corner

For brewers, there is no greater excitement than creating new beers for our guests and fans (and ourselves). We have been able to fit in a bunch of new stuff lately, and are eagerly anticipating their release.

First up is a new hazy, Ambigram. This will be 7.5% New England dry-hopped with Centennial and Mosaic hops. We know how much everyone loves NEIPA’s, and while Hell Hazed Over pulls a lot of weight, nobody will complain about having another on tap. It was built to be a little sweeter and lighter than HHO, with a different dry-hop schedule to give a different nose — berry and floral from the Mosaic, and citrus-spiciness from the Centennial. This will be ready by the end of January.

Also ready near the end of January, we’ll have a spring-bock lager. This will be a clean, malty brew that showcases various dark grains and a slight hop presence from Hallertau Blanc – a hop known for its grape-like characteristic. What we’re most excited about is that this beer will be split up, with one half getting spruce-tips from the San Juan Mountain Range of Southern Colorado. This will add a unique twist to the lager that we think will be a big hit in the taproom and get us through the rest of the cold winter months ahead. Both beers will be in the 6% ABV range.

Have you ever come to our taproom and thought, “I wish these guys would brew a tasty witbeer”? Well you’re in luck! We’ll be making our own version of this popular style, which will be coming to the taproom sometime in mid/late February. We plan on using coriander, pilsner malt, orange, and Citra hops, and will probably add our own twist (or two) to the process as well. Consider this beer as your taxi along the winter-runways to Spring’s blue skies… then again… Most likely rain on top of rain.

HEAVY SQUEEZE is making a comeback this year, and we are putting into cans this time so you can drink it while you re-mulch your yard and think about hiring a service to do it instead. We are going to drop the ABV to around 5.5% so it is a little more sessionable. Rejoice, lemon-heads!

We have a lot more coming up as well, but to keep the email brief I’ll just shotgun blast a few other beers we are wanting to brew in the near future. Low-cal IPA, Blood-Orange Milkshake IPA, King Balaton/Kings Blood, Arms Reach v.2, Bleacher Seat, Day Sipper, and some throwback beers from when Alter was just beginning – like Batch One.

Giddy up!
Matt and the Brewteam