Festbier Release

Ain’t no party like a Festbier party, ’cause a Festbier party don’t stop! Well… until the season is over that is. But until then… it’s party time!

What’s Fest got to do, got to do about it?

There are three primary beers associated with Oktoberfest out in the world: Märzen, Oktoberfest, and Festbier. So which one is actually served at THE Oktoberfest. The answer: all of them! Well, not at the same time

The Oktoberfestbier was the original dark lager served at the festival (think dunkel), but then gave way to a Märzen amber evolution (an American take would be Sam Adams) in the 19th century. And then in the late 20th century Festbier took the reins and never looked back. It’s what you’ll find at the current festival in Munich every year.

Our Festbier is an Altered take on this most recent lager. It’s a deliciously balanced beer with significant malt complexity and a hint of sweetness for balance. That slight tingle you feel when you drink it? That’s thousands of tiny taste buds screaming PROST! at the top of their figurative lungs.

Festbier is a seasonal beer available at Downers Grove and St. Charles locations as well as local retailers throughout Chicagoland.

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