Dank You 2x IPA Release

First off, we’d like to dank you very much for hopping on over to the website to learn more about our annually altered double IPA.

Dank You was actually one of the first, and biggest, beers we ever brewed at Alter. It was originally named after a proprietary blend of hops called the “Dank Blend,” and we loved how it turned out — so of course we decided to brew it again. However, when we went back to our hops supplier that blend was no longer available. Oh the humanity!

Fortunately, our stalwart brew team was not to be deterred and came up with their own blend of hops, creating the first “alteration” of Dank You. The next year we did the same thing, subtly altering the hops to produce a new version that built on the dank foundation with new and different hop varieties. Thus was our every-changing double IPA tradition born, and here we are in 2021 with an exciting new edition.

This year features an incredibly aromatic new hop for Alter called Bergamot, grown by Great Lakes Hops in Michigan and sourced from local hop grower Live Wire Hops. Bergamot dry-hopping produces not only the dank and resinous qualities that have come to exemplify the Dank You series, but also produces vibrant orange citrus aromas.

Limited quantities of Dank You are now available in cans and on draft at both Downers Grove and St. Charles locations, as well as in limited distribution to your local purveyor of fine craft beers.

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