Cold Digger Cold IPA

Honestly, I was aware of the phrase “gold digger” and not so much the popular Kanye West song of the same name. Fortunately for me, this beer has nothing to do with either of those phrases and everything to do with a spectacular symbiosis of ale and lager characteristics.

First thing’s first, what exactly is a “Cold IPA?”

Essentially, we brew a hop-forward IPA using a lager yeast strain at higher temps than are normal for a lager (i.e. lower temps than you’d brew an ale). This helps bolster a massive hop punch of aroma, while creating a crisp and clean beer. Pretty much the best of both worlds.

According to our head brewer Matt McCowan, Cold Digger is “where West Coast IPA meets Lager. Fermented with our house lager strain at warmer temperatures and dryhopped cool with Nectaron, Centennial, and Citra just at the tail end of fermentation. This delivers a lovely bouquet of New Zealand citrus and stone fruits as the lager characteristics and biotransformation play background music to fill the gaps. Drinks easy, crisp, and exciting all at the same time.”

TL;DR – This beer is simply awesome. And limited. So get your paws on it while you can!

Cold Digger is a Brewhouse Exclusive and only available in cans and on draft at Downers Grove and St. Charles right now (while supplies last).

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