Apricot Sour Release

Today marks a massive milestone for Alter beer! The release of our first true sour is the next exciting step in the evolution of our Oak Brook Solera Discovery Program. This journey began a little over a year ago as fresh wort was transported from our Downers Grove taproom to the oak foeders in Oak Brook. From there, the brew team has experimented with different yeast and bacteria to create one of a kind beers that haven’t been seen on Alter taps before. We’re incredibly proud of this Belgian-style Apricot sour as our first offering in this challenging beer niche.

Aged for one year in our Oak Brook Solera, this sour ale tantalizes the taste buds with the unmistakable flavor of apricots and the lively acidity of Lactobacillus. A refreshing twist on tradition, each sip unveils layers of fruity complexity, culminating in a harmonious dance of sweet and sour on the palate.

The Apricot Sour is avilable exclusively at all 3 Alter locations on draft and in a very limited number of bottles while supplies last.

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