Alterado Lager Release

“I love gold. The look of it. The smell of it. The taste of it. The texture…” In the same way that Star Trek communicators imagined what would be come the modern day cell phone, Goldmember also saw into the future with his line that perfectly describes your experience of Alterado. And that’s just grooooovy baby.

This classic Mexican-style lager was brewed to blend the borders, while staying true to the kind of beer you want to grab from the fridge on a hot summer day. We added a bunch of maize to conjure memories of freshly made tortillas, as well as loral hops to add a nice balance. It’s as easy to drink as it is fun to say “Alterado,” which is a lot. Lime optional.

Alterado is our summer seasonal release and is available in cans and on draft at Downers Grove and St. Charles as well as your local craft beer retailer.

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