Backyard Brewfest and Arboretum Beer Dinner

One week ago we had an amazing Saturday with the first Backyard Brewfest, as well as the first craft beer dinner at the Morton Arboretum. We met so many amazing individuals, raised a lot of money, and shared good beer with good people. We thought it would be fun to share just a few pictures from the day. If you have any fun pictures from those events make sure to send them our way!

One of the best parts of working at a brewery is being able to attend some of the amazing events that we organize and/or participate in. From tastings to festivals to dinners, there is always something fun (and delicious) just around the corner, and I often get the chance to be there. However, this usually means I need to be taking some pictures and documenting the day as well… which isn’t always easy when you’re surrounded by good people and good beer! That being said, I’ve put together a few of my photos from one of our most eventful Saturdays. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to sharing more moments like these with you all in the future!


Backyard Brewfest

Backyard Brewfest was the first, of what we hope will be many, rotating beer festivals in the western suburbs that donates all proceeds to charity. It’s about the great beer community and organizations that are right in our backyard. We had 17 amazing breweries donate beer for the festivals, and as a result have a great donation in store. This year, we selected our neighbors Little Friends, Inc., whose Downers Grove facility has amazing adult day service programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Morton Arboretum Beer Dinner

A couple hours after the fest was over we were honored to be the featured brewery for the Morton Arboretum’s first craft beer dinner. Over 100 people came out to enjoy a delicious 5-course dinner paired specifically with 5 different Alter beers. The view was amazing with the lake in the background, and Tank and the Beez added a nice touch with their old time americana music.

Adam Hooczko – Marketing Manager & Photographer

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