Keg Sales

Have a bar or kegerator at home and looking to have some Alter beer on tap? We have a rotating selection of Alter beer available for purchase in the tap room. Check out the information below!

To reserve a keg, we ask for 4-5 days advance notice. Email the request to the taproom, specifying the style of beer, size of keg, and date of pick-up. Please note that availability changes regularly and there is no guarantee that we will have kegs available.

Generally, no. Our cold box is stacked pretty high with delicious beer and a keg-to-go might not be accessible. You can always take a gamble and come in, but chances are good that we won’t be able to get one down for you.

No. We do not currently provide any home draft equipment. This means: no party pumps, ice buckets, CO2 or jockey boxes. The only thing we sell is a keg full of beer

We sell 2 sizes of kegs: sixtels and halves. A sixtel is 5.1 gallons and has about 42-16oz pours. A half is 15.5 gallons and has about 124-16oz pours.

Our selection is always rotating. Please email the taproom to inquire about specific brand availability.

We charge a $40 deposit on all of our kegs, regardless of size. The deposit is forfeited 4 months (120 days) to the day after the purchase.

If you have any further questions about keg sales, please call the brewery or email our taproom.